Interlocking Stone Driveways & Patios

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Protecting and Maintaining Your Interlocking Stone Driveway or Patio After a Markham Winter

Spring is on the way; is your interlocking stone driveway, patio and other stonework ready? Your interlocking stone may need some attention once the snow and ice disappear for another year. Some springtime preventative maintenance will keep your outdoor stonework looking great and can save a lot of money by preventing expensive damages.

Interlocking stone is designed to hold up well against a Markham winter, but upkeep is recommended to ensure that stones maintain their appearance and function. Many repairs can be performed easily yourself, but sometimes a professional interlocking stone installer may be required.

A pressure wash can be the easiest way to keep your stone driveway or patio looking pristine for the spring. Using a pressure washer can instantly remove winter stains, salt build-up and other things that will make your stone surface look bad in appearance and can ultimately result in permanent damage. Salt, in particular, can corrode your stone driveway over time.

Washing with dish detergent and a stiff bristle broom can also remove stains. There are various stone cleaning products on the market. Some solutions can be very effective, while others can cause serious damage to your stone driveway or patio. It’s best to check with a professional before using a cleaning product and to follow all instructions carefully.

Over time the bed of sand that stones sit on can wash away. This sand plays an important role in keeping your stonework safe against Mother Nature. Missing sand can cause stones to sit improperly and cause them to crack and break. It’s important to replace missing sand right away and to purchase the correct sand for the job. Pouring the recommended sand over the stones will typically solve this problem, be sure to move excess sand into the crevices of your surface with a broom.

Take some time and inspect your interlocking stonework’s joints. The shift in temperature of a Toronto thaw can result in the space off your joints increasing (this is sometimes referred to as a creep). This is caused by the stresses of winter and vehicle traffic moving the stones apart from one another. Once stones begin to shift they will continue to do so until the problem is addressed. This is often caused by the stonework not having enough spikes installed and additional spikes may need to be added.

It’s not unusual to find cracked pavers in your stone driveway or patio after winter. Replacing a couple of stones yourself is something that shouldn’t take too much work. More significant damage may require the help of a professional interlocking stone installer.

Your interlocking stone driveway, patio or walkway is an investment and it’s meant to look great over a long time. A Toronto winter can cause damage to your stonework, but much of this damage can be resolved with some springtime attention. You can do a lot of your stonework’s maintenance alone, but it’s best to contact professional interlocking stone installers for more serious jobs.

A Markham interlocking stone installer will understand the unique challenges facing Markham interlocking stone and will have experience and knowledge to help. Please feel free to contact us with questions about your stonework’s springtime maintenance.


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