Interlocking Patio

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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces with a New Stone Patio

We’re now in the middle of summer. This is the time of year that we get the chance to enjoy the outdoors and fire up the barbeque. Your patio is an essential part of your home’s outdoor living space. A patio is a versatile space; it serves as a place to relax, eat and entertain friends and family. A stone patio works for many Markham and area homes. Patios built with stone are durable, attractive, affordable and provide endless possibilities.

There are other materials on the market such as wood, brick, poured/stamped concert and each has their advantages.  We have find interlocking stone to work for most homes over the long run due to:

  • Minimal need for regular maintenance
  • Very low cost for repair and restoration
  • No need for outright replacement

History doesn’t lie when it comes to backyards. Stone landscaping has been used for centuries by civilizations around the world. Many of the world’s most renowned historical landmarks feature stone landscaping which still look pristine today. It makes sense to bring this longevity to your backyard patio.

Our customers are surprised by the number of options they have when installing a stone patio. We carry a great selection of unique textures and colours. Our team of experienced staff are a great resource at matching you with the right materials and options.

Advancements in the stone manufacturing process in recent years has opened the door to some very exciting and innovative design options. Many are surprised by the shear volume of colours, shapes, materials and sizes.

Stone is perfect for all seasons of a Toronto year, including the harsh Canadian weather. Patios built of stone are tough, and the materials quarried provide an excellent defence against ice, snow and shovels. We’ve also found that stone is more stable than other materials and is less likely to shift or become uneven due to frost and moisture. Your patio will look spectacular for years and decades to come.

Your outdoor space will stand out from the neighbours. Each stone carries its own story making your backyard truly unique. Using stone is a very eco-friendly decision when compared to other solutions.  Many of our customers have seen their property values increase after installing a new stone patio. Stone can handle any amount of foot traffic. Essentially, as long as the surface is installed properly it can nearly survive anything you or nature can throw at it.

Interested in learning more about how a stone patio would improve the beauty and functionatily of your home’s outdoor space? Give us a call at 905-887-0957, or get a quote 24/7 online. We’ve been providing interlock re-leveling and patio installation in Markham in surrounding areas in the Toronto area for over 25 year.

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